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Meg lives in the North York Moors and is surrounded by a diverse landscape of ancient woodland, organic farmland and wild moorland. Meg's inspiration comes directly from the natural world. She is particularly interested in the hidden things in nature and by slowing down and experiencing the changes in the seasons as they unfold, she begins to see the details that were invisible before.


Meg likes to work from life whenever possible, starting with detailed drawings and watercolours to get to know her subject. She will then develop them using different printmaking techniques, such as Lino, Intaglio or Collograph printing; exploring more abstract ideas, including layering of prints or partially hiding the image behind another image, reflecting her subject of the hidden beauty in nature.

Meg also likes to paint her subject using oil and acrylic paint, she will often start with brushes, moving onto using palette knives, which allow her to create spontaneous colour combinations and marks, which echo the unexpected colours and patterns found in nature. 


Current research recognises the importance of mankind's relationship with nature, that it promotes well-being and provides many health benefits, just from being outside and experiencing the natural world. Scientists are discovering more about the hidden world of intricate ecosystems and the need for nature to return to its natural diversity, by allowing it to re-naturalise and recover.


These concerns are of particular interest to Meg as she seeks to represent the hidden beauty that is part of her own experience of nature.


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